The SEAL SwimSafe™ Charter Adopter Programs


As part of our Charter Adopter Programs, SEAL SwimSafe™ will be available for pre-order to consumers prior to shipping in 2014.


To celebrate the release of the SEAL SwimSafe™ we will be hosting a product launch party at a regional aquatic facility.  We are excited to announce that Olympic Gold Medalist and Aquatic Safety Advocate Cullen Jones will be in attendance as we celebrate the debut of the next level of aquatic safety, the SEAL SwimSafe™.  In addition to first access to the product,  as an exclusive Charter Adopter Member you will recieve:  



For ordering two or more system configurations, select "Continue shopping" at the bottom left of checkout window after pressing "Pre-order now."

More Ways You Can Help​​


Spread the word! The SEAL SwimSafe™ swim monitor and drowning detection system is meant to help save lives. Post, talk, tweet, and share our what's going on with SwimSEALSafe!  With every post, click, and contribution, you're helping to make a product that will help save lives and make swimming safer.